Sunday, August 17, 2014

New friends and new projects

It seems weeks go by between posts, I'm trying to get better.  Well, in addition to all the normal life stuff I've made a new friend and expanded the H and L Creations line to include Dreamcatchers.

First my new friend.  I teach classes at Michael's.  For the last class 10 students signed up, 2 students showed up.  I was prepared for a lecture format but the low attendance allowed me to give each one personal attention.  That attention turned into conversation and resulted in a partnership for a September event; "A Taste of Suffolk".  McKenzie is a young, creative, inspiring, woman; with a 4 month old son and husband in the military.  She keeps me on my toes, motivated to push the boundaries and venture into new territory.  A larger class would likely not have given us time to connect.  Again I realize God always has a plan and it is always the best.  I am thankful for my new friend.

Dreamcatchers; spell check thinks it is suppose to be two words but I keep finding it spelled as one so I'm going with that.  If any of you know which is correct please leave a comment to let me know.  Moving past the spelling issue; below are the first 2 dreamcatchers I made.  I took them to a local church event where they had games for the kids, live music, free corn on the cob, and a variety of vendors; including us (H and L Creations).  I got a lot of nice comments on the jewelry; but the dreamcatchers caught the eye of adults and kids alike; girls and boys.  I think this is an indicator that they would be a good item to put in the inventory for the show.  I like the traditional round dreamcatchers but the variety is limitless; so won't be sticking with just one shape.  I have a great source for horseshoes; my sister has horses.  My husband is great at cleaning and painting metal.  O.K. now that all the work is done it is my turn; start making horseshoe centered dreamcatchers.  How fun is this; and again endless possibilities.  Here are the first 2, will post more pictures in a couple weeks (I'm out of town and need to be home to get the horseshoes cleaned property ).  I'm so excited about this new venture.  What do you think of the first 2 passes at it?