Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wedding Focus

I've been MIA for quite some time.  I've been working on a dream catcher for a good portion of that time.  I've seen pictures with large matting surfaces where guests can write wishes for the couple; but this was new to me.  A dream catcher with a basket where guests can place their "dreams" for the couple.

My niece to be (she is marrying my nephew) had the idea and when I finally understood what she was talking about (very different than my first mental image) I liked it a lot.  So with a double heart design in mind I started out.  First I had a couple short lengths of wire left over after cutting the main heart shapes.  I formed them into smaller hearts and set them aside thinking I would use them for something else.  Instead, I incorporated them into the center of each of the main hearts.  Before I could go much further I went to an Art show where there was a dream catcher display.  They were fabulous by the way.  During this coincidence (maybe not so coincidence) I saw a dream catcher with wire work, not just cord for the webbing.  Spark idea!

Now the design evolves again, enter wire and beads to the center of the small hearts.  Nice addition.

Now I need something to hold the index cards for the "dreams".  Looked for a small basket that would go with the design, or any small basket.  Found zero options (not that I looked for a long time) so I decided to make my own.  Wire framing with slats; some macrame, some beads on wire to support the structure.  Added some feathers and it is done.

Do I like it? Yes.  Did it take way too much time? Yes.  If I were making this to sell I would need to do some things that reduced the time; or price it higher than I want to.  This one was done for love, no charge.

What do you think?  By the way taking pictures of dream catchers is tricky.  I hope these represent the piece well.