Saturday, October 11, 2014

Food for Thought

Today I spend an enjoyable day with a friend set up at a Fall Festival at a local church.  The weather was great, bright and sunny (I even have a little bit of a sun burn), a little hot but not too bad with the shade of my new canopy.  While the day was enjoyable; so far as promoting our business it was marginal.  The draw was more the games and free food than for the vendors.  Just so I'm clear, I love supporting church events; but especially this time of year I feel the need to be wise about both supporting the church and promoting my business, need to capitalize on the shopping season.  Thus, after discussion with my friend Delta (we were there to promote her photography and my jewelry business) and a couple other vendors, we decided we should attend events that bring vendors and crafters together as the focus instead of as an extra with the games and food being the main events.  I'm writing this just to share what I believe we have learned.  I hope this is information that will help you when looking for venues to sell and promote your business as well as supporting local organizations.  We did make some contacts today that will hopefully be beneficial in the future, for us and for them.  We also got information on some upcoming events that are historically big draws for holiday shoppers.  Not a wasted effort, time invested that will yield fruit; just not exactly as we envisioned it.

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