Tuesday, December 2, 2014

First ETSY Sale

Last night about 9:30 I took one last look at e-mail and was surprised by a message saying one of the dream catchers I had listed on ETSY sold.  I've posted items for sale on ETSY several times but this is the first time I had a sale.    Happy Dance!    I put the box in the mail this morning by 9:30 for its cross country journey.  Of course, now I'm going to work on my ETSY store and wait to see if this is the beginning of many more sales.  Really hoping this takes off; great sales potential, an almost limitless audience, no time spent at shows and events, more time to work on projects, and low fees.  I'm looking for an upward spiral; internet sales resulting in brand exposure, resulting in more sales, more exposure, mores sales; you get the idea.  So if you are trying to break into the internet market, keep at it.  Develop your product line (unique is good), learn how to best display it in pictures; and just be persistent.  That said, I have much to learn.  If you have had success selling on line and would like to share I would appreciate it very much. 

Though local events were not very financially beneficial I enjoy interacting with people; thus, I will do some craft events next year, but only a few.  I'm glad I invested the time this year as I learned a lot and there is no substitute for experience.  Hopefully the time I spend at events next year will be more lucrative.

Here is the piece I shipped out this morning:


I hope you will check out other pieces in my ETSY store:
search for "handlcreations" at ETSY.com

or use the link below:

Thought for today:  Do not let the retail hype of the season suck you in.
Enjoy your friends and family and everything Christmas is suppose to be.

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