Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Latest Wire Wrap

I got to spend over 2 weeks in Michigan recently.  Had good intentions to do some marketing and a show or two.  However, since I'm use to spending the entire summer in Michigan those 2 weeks went by very fast.  No shows, very little marketing, and no time to play with wire or beads.  That said, it was still a great vacation.  Spent time with family, played with the new colt; and celebrated my nephew's engagement to his girlfriend (we love her, very happy she said yes).

A couple days before heading back to VA my sister wore a necklace I made, a friend of ours liked the style and size; just needed different colors.  After matching some stones to the dress it will be worn with, the turquoise set emerged.  While I was on a roll I decided to make the black and red set.  I was a little hesitant about the large black stones on this one but I think the scale worked well once it was assembled.  This is a style that I wasn't sure about at first but not only does it get great reviews; I'm having fun with it.

If you have any interest in a unique necklace/earring set send me a note with colors and, if applicable, a theme.  I'll make something up and provide you pictures and pricing.  I anticipate sets to cost between $30 and $40 plus shipping.

Feedback always appreciated.

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