Saturday, July 26, 2014

Update on the Custom Set

This set was first featured in my July 5th post.  It is my first commissioned piece.  My friend picked the main stones and left the details to me.  That always makes me a little nervous.  Fast forward to a couple days after the wedding (the event she needed the jewelry for) and I got a very exciting report.  A little history; my friend lives in Michigan not too far from Ann Arbor, college town (University of Michigan), very artsy area.  The Ann Arbor Art Festival had recently taken place and at the wedding (she was not the bride) she was asked if she bought the set at the Art Festival.  Since I'm relatively new in the jewelry design world, the idea that someone thought what I made came from a source where much more experienced artists sell, I was THRILLED!  Such a confidence builder and it just feels good.  Don't want to get too confident; just brave enough to push the envelope but not so much that I get arrogant (that is never attractive).  Thanks for letting me share my excitement.  Same technique, different styles to come.

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