Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Reprieve Due to Weather

I've been looking forward to a Wedding Event that was scheduled for day after tomorrow.  While I am excited about the event, I've done what I tend to do; procrastinate.  Not a sit around and do nothing kind of procrastination; but more of a distracted with other projects, put this one on the back burner issue.  I have helped with materials needed for a truck rebuild project (also important), cleaned up my g-mail accounts (almost 800 messages in my inbox was unacceptable when trying to find something), and done other routine necessary tasks.  All of this left me with 2 days to get samples made, coordinate some display props, get pictures printed, and generally organize myself for the show.

Enter Mother Nature.....

I live in Virginia; we don't get much snow .... usually.  That said, we now have snow which is covered with ice and temperatures that aren't forecast to get to, let alone above, freezing for several days.  Schools and most businesses are closed today and schools won't be open until at least Thursday.  Side streets and parking lots are untreated and hazardous.  I was not feeling good about the turn out we could expect under these conditions.

Apparently I was not the only one with this thought, and thankfully, the venue where the event will be held is flexible.  The show is postponed until March.  YEA!!  I now have 30 days to get the above list done.  I plan to schedule show prep much better than I have thus far, so this "reprieve" does not go to waste.  So, for the next month I will make consistent progress toward the show.  I have new ideas that I'm anxious to try (thank you Teresa for the books) and now I have time to make a reasonable effort at several items.

If you have ideas for beaded and/or wire wedding related items I would love to hear about them, and perhaps expand my product line yet again.

Back with pictures in the next few days.

If you live in an area where the weather is bad please be careful on the roads; stay safe and warm.

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