Saturday, February 14, 2015

Life Happens

I have thought about posting to this blog for several weeks; with no follow through.  By the time I sat down to post it was late evening and I had used up my focus quota for the day; so I put it off until "tomorrow".  Well while I wasn't posting, a friend's parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  She had a couple ideas for the celebration and asked if I could help her with them.  So, enter that life thing; of course I could help her.  She wanted a wire tree for the cake she was making.  I made a tree of life pendant a while back, seemed like a reasonable transition to a stand up tree.  I looked at pictures, made some prototypes, expanded the to do list by adding a wire and bead "50" to go with the tree and again realized how much my friends are responsible for expanding my product line.  Never stop being thankful for girlfriends!!

I realized quickly that it is difficult to take pictures of wire trees; going to have to take some lessons from a friend who is a great photographer.  I have several, they know who they are.  In the mean time I hope you will forgive the lack of quality photography.  Here are pictures of the prototypes and one I made after the one that went to the anniversary party.  Hope you like them.

The three small prototypes

Larger and mounted on a mirror

For 50 years of marriage

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