Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Flowers of Clay

Still exploring the potential of polymer clay and after discussing the idea with a friend who arranges flowers for gifts and events; I decided to give flowers a try.  I so do not have a green thumb; yet there are a few plants that seem to be able to survive me.  Unfortunately those plants don't flower.  Philodendron, for example, is a very hardy plant, but all green.  I figured there must be other people like me who would like some pops of color that wouldn't wilt.  Thus was born my flower garden.  Take some imagination; add colorful clay, wire, tape, glaze, and flower stakes and you have a single pop of color, or a bouquet that will stay beautiful.  The cost is about what you would pay for fresh flowers that will be gone in a week or so.  They are fun, easy to customize, and affordable, even if quantity is needed for an event.  These pictures are of my first attempt at flowers; and while I like the look, I will be trying some using a technique that will add more color and shine, possibly some beads for sparkle. New and improved flowers, coming soon.
Fun accent piece

A closer look

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