Monday, February 10, 2014

Where it Began

I started considering what I should write about and decided to start where my interest in creating jewelry began.  I attended an Ordination Ceremony.  There was a booth set up in the lobby for a non-profit line of jewelry, "Jewels for God".  All the profit from sales of this jewelry supports ministry to women rescued from human trafficking and other horrible situations.  I was immediately drawn to the cause and decided to sign up as a sales rep.  While my heart was in the right place I wasn't very successful selling the line.  As I was considering my options I learned about polymer clay.  No kiln needed, just a toaster oven.  Inexpensive materials and designs limited only by your imagination add up to amazing possibilities.  I decided I would develop a line of fun, affordable jewelry and accessories.  Of course, there has been a lot of trial and error; but I'm also glad to say a lot of growth.  So here we go; it all started when I complimented a necklace and learned my friend made it herself, out of polymer clay.  I started reading about working with polymer clay, what did I need, what should I be careful about, which brands got the best reviews.  A toaster oven, a pasta machine, a couple books with design and technique tips, and I was off and running.  Pendants, earrings, hair clips, book marks, picture frames, and more.  Some things worked well and some went in my "lesson's learned anything for $1" sale basket.  Whatever sold, 20% was and will continue to be donated to "Jewels for God". Attached pictures are some of my early pieces. More to come in the next few days as I not only learned more clay techniques but also began incorporating beads, wire, and more. 
Eagle and Stars Bookmarks
5" x 7" Clay Covered Wood Frame

Abstract Flower Set
Flowers made with Shape Cutters
Holiday Set
Hair Clip to match necklace/earring set

Clay & Wood Bead Set

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