Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Around the House

Today I'm taking a break from jewelry.  For the past several weeks we have been watching a pair of doves build and sit on a nest under our carport.  They are amazing; quite, peaceful, still.  They trade nest sitting duties but I can't tell which one is there.  I only know they trade because I've seen them do so a couple times.  Today Mom (I assume it is Mom) was a little more vocal, she was moving around more than I've seen her do in the past week, and she seemed to be standing up a little.  So staying as still as possible I tried watching her to see if I could detect little bodies.  I thought I saw something move under her but then if you stare long enough your eyes make things move when they really didn't; at least mine do.  So, still not sure if we have babies but I am lovin' watching them.  Here are a couple pictures, can you see any babies? 
Isn't she beautiful!!

Now still on the subject of birds but totally different from the doves; we have a pair of purple finches.  They sing and flit around and are almost never still, like they had one too many energy drinks; but they are adorable.  We have 4 hanging flower baskets around the awning on our front porch, but one of them is more than a flower.  When I bought the hanging basket there seems to have been some misrepresentation on the part of the store.  They said it was a flower, which it is; but they failed to divulge that it is also a bird house.  Saw the Mama finch squeezing down in the flower, could not believe there was room for her, let alone a nest; but she wouldn't stop.  Needed to water the flower so I carefully took it down to make sure I didn't "water" the nest.  Sure enough she has the most perfect little feather bowl down in that plant that you have ever seen and a stash of greens beside it.  Mom and Dad fly in and out; he keeps watch while she builds the nest, then they are gone again.  Not sure how to keep the flower alive and not disturb the nest; suggestions welcome.  Does this look like a bird house to you?  :)

She goes in on this side

Tomorrow I'll be back to jewelry but I've been enjoying the birds too much not to share.  I hope you are having a wonderful day and that something sweet like a dove and cute like a finch touches your heart.

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