Saturday, May 17, 2014

Great Day

Today started out like most Saturdays do, breakfast with my husband and friends; always nice.  Found out after I got to the restaurant that I was suppose to bring some of my latest "creations".  Well I needed to run some errands anyway so I promised to come back and bring stuff for "show and tell".  So I added that to my "to do" list.

So how did the day go?
  • Back to the restaurant:
    • Breakfast with another friend (I just had tea this time around)
    • Sold one necklace
    • Holding a necklace for someone else
    • Icing on the cake: I met Mrs. Clause
      • She gave me her card, "you were caught doing something nice", said she liked my jewelry and that they were always looking for unique pieces.  A good day just keeps getting better.
    • Came home, told my husband about Mrs. Clause and got tickled by the confused look I got.
  •  Errands: check pretty much everything off the list
  • Go to Michael's;
    • It is employee appreciation week, got a great discount on stuff I "couldn't live without".  That is my story and I'm sticking to it.
  • Came home and started on that "to do" list.  Got a call from my sister;
    • Gail: Are you going to watch the Preakness?
    • Me: I am now!
    • Gail: Who are you pulling for?
    • Me: California Chrome, going for the Triple Crown
    • Kept working for a while, got close to time for the race and all things productive stopped.
  • CALIFORNIA CHROME WINS!!  So the $10K horse wins millions and has 2 of the 3 races he needs to win the Triple Crown.  A stunning horse, but then I think they are all stunning.
  • To put a cap on the day the Detroit Tigers are one out away from winning their game.  Correction, TIGER'S WIN!  Yes, I'm from Detroit, love it when they win.
  • The day was fun and exciting but most of all it was blessed by God.  All of the fun would be short lived and empty without His blessing.  I am so thankful that He leads and loves me on good days and bad, this was one of the good ones.

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